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by | Sep 30, 2008 | Event

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

Wow, it’s been an action packed two days here at the Emerson Exchange. If you’re not live with us here in Washington D.C. this week, there is some excellent coverage that you’ll want to see. Check out Automation World’s News from the Emerson Global Users Exchange featuring highlights from Monday. Also visit Gary Mintchell’s Feed Forward blog. has excellent Monday recap in their Emerson Exchange eNews that went out to their email news subscriber list. Also, visit Walt Boyes’ SoundOFF! blog.
To discover what other folks might be writing, I did a Google Blogsearch on “Emerson Exchange”. So that I don’t have to keep redoing this search manually, I subscribed to its RSS feed in my Google Reader. If you have interest in following the happenings, give it a try. So far I’ve discovered a post by OPC Exchange’s Eric Murphy and a item.
There is also a vibrant communications channel, Twitter, that I mentioned as a tip in last Friday’s post. It features short updates in 140 characters or less for anyone using Twitter who adds #EmEx to their message. Here’s a Twitter search of the #EmEx tag to give you quick takes from people around the Exchange. And if you use Google Reader or another favorite RSS reader, here’s the RSS subscription for the Twitter #EmEx search so you don’t have to keep manually performing the search. It is all about automation, isn’t it?
More to come!

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