Pressure, Flow, Level Diagnostics in High Definition

Let’s close this week with a new era for us in YouTube-based demonstration videos. The team has just added three new videos produced in high definition (HD) video format. The videos include:

If you click through and see the videos in HD on the YouTube site, what makes the HD quality so nice is that you can go full screen and really see the software screens in clear detail. Until now, videos created over the years and available on the DeltaVsystem YouTube channel did not have the resolution to view some of the software screens well.

In these videos, Emerson’s Bill Zhou and Juan Gomez show the interaction of diagnostics available in the Rosemount 3051S integrated pressure, flow, and level multi-variable transmitter and how they make this data available to operators and maintenance personnel to avoid and resolve abnormal situations.

I know that some have written me to say that their IT department blocks these videos. I think the case must be made that there are significant business uses from training videos, to application videos, to even capabilities videos like these.

Perhaps this post is one more URL that you can share to help change the status quo.

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