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Virtual Training Courses across the Internet

by | Oct 29, 2009 | Services, Consulting & Training

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

A few days ago, I saw this Twitter tweet from Emerson’s Jeff Hackney:

Train fm home – Emrsn Virtual Training classes for MiMiC V3 (Dec 1, 09) and DeltaV 7009 (Nov 2, 09) https://tiny.cc/Emerson_VLearning

Jeff is part of the Emerson Educational Services team and I was curious to find out more about this virtual training. I discovered what makes this different from traditional e-Learning sessions is the live instruction across the internet as well as remote access to the training equipment. The instructors are based here in Austin, Texas and deliver classes at scheduled times–11/2 and 12/1 as Jeff notes in his tweet. The virtual training course provides internet access to classroom-based equipment such as DeltaV systems and MiMiC simulation software.

One of the barriers in these economic times to taking training courses is the travel and living costs for course. Or, the travel and living costs of the instructor(s) plus the equipment shipping costs for training at a process manufacturer’s site.

The first course offered, DeltaV 7009V on November 2, is the virtual training version of the DeltaV Implementation I course, which:

…covers a complete DeltaV system implementation. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to define system capabilities, define nodes, configure continuous and sequential control strategies, operate the system and define users and security.

On Martin Berutti’s blog on the Mynah website, he wrote about the December 1 virtual training course for MiMiC:

We strongly recommend this course and are very excited about the new Simulation with MiMiC V-Learning school offered by Emerson Educational Services. MiMiC Simulation Software for DeltaV Testing and Operator Training is a proven technology for saving time and money on DeltaV projects. The Simulation with MiMiC school offers a step-by-step approach to using MiMiC on capital projects or OpEx initiatives. Troy Nelson is an excellent, professional instructor with a deep, practical knowledge of MiMiC and dynamic simulation.

It will be interesting to see the initial feedback from both the DeltaV 7009V and MiMiC courses in having virtual access to the Educational Services instructors and training equipment.


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