Analyzing Process Performance in 3D

For those familiar with the work of one of Emerson’s process automation hall of fame winners, Terry Blevins, you’ll be happy to know that he recorded his presentations from last week’s Emerson Exchange.

The first one published so far is Process Analysis Using 3D Plots, which Terry co-presented with the University of Texas @ Austin’s Professor Frank Seibert.

In today’s 3D Plots Modeling and Control blog post, Terry describes the objective of a field trial:

…to evaluate the use of 3D plots to analyze temperature measurement variations across these columns.

Terry foresees:

…applications that could potentially benefit from 3D plots are temperature and pressure measurements across process units such as boiler tube banks, chemical reactors or columns. Also, 3D plots can potential make it easier to analyze sets of data provided by a spectral analyzer e.g. NIR analyzer.

Here’s the narrated presentation by Terry and Professor Seibert:

Keep an eye on the Emerson Exchange SlideShare channel (or subscribe to its RSS feed) and the Modeling and Control blog to see the rest of the presentations as Terry connects the audio with the presentation slides.

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