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Interesting and Useful DeltaV PID Functions Livestream

Here is our second Emerson Exchange Livestream offering, courtesy of Emerson’s James Beall, whom you may recall from earlier control performance posts. His Emerson Exchange presentation was Interesting and Useful Features of the DeltaV PID, Ratio and Bias/Gain Control Blocks.

The wireless access in the room was not what it could be, so I had to drop it down to low resolution to keep James’ voice from dropping. As a result, this recorded version is joined in progress. Update: The video is not yet streaming, so I’ll remove the embedded file and link to the Livestream page where it is hosted.

Here’s the presentation available for download from the Emerson Exchange Slideshare account:

Keep an eye on the #EMRex Twitter Search for one this afternoon. I’m targeting one of the 2pm CDT/19:00 UTC sessions, Harnessing Your Experts’ Knowledge for Sustainable Competitive Advantage by Emerson’s Aaron Crews and David Hyde. Fingers crossed the wireless signal is good!

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