Some Handy Links to Know for Emerson Exchange

There will be quite a number of cars headed down Interstate 35 this weekend as the Emerson team from Austin heads to San Antonio for the Emerson Exchange. For those with longer distances to travel–safe travels!

If you’ll be joining us, here’s a couple of links, which you might find helpful:

If you’ll not be joining us, here’s some of the ways you can follow what’s going on:

As I discover (or remember) other things that you might find valuable, I’ll update this post. Make sure to keep an eye on the #EMRex Twitter hashtag search for all the late breaking news.

Update: The official news page of Emerson Exchange 2010 is now live!

Also check out the #EMRex Daily for the latest roundup of news.

Posted Friday, September 24th, 2010 under Event.

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