And Now for Something Completely Different

OK, well maybe not completely different, but here’s another end of week post not featuring our experts around Emerson. If you didn’t see the press release announcing the corporate B2B blog award that we were honored to receive, it noted a new title, social media manager, on which I’m embarking.

I’ll be moving from Emerson’s Process Systems and Solutions (PSS) division where I’ve worked with a lot of really talented folks to build the DeltaV, DeltaV SIS, Syncade, SureService brands as well as many service offerings over to the Emerson Process Management group. The group leads the Emerson Process Management, PlantWeb, Smart Wireless, and other brands that span all the divisions.

In this new role, I’ll be working with all the divisions and their leading brands such as AMS Suite, Bettis, CSI Technologies, Daniel, Fisher, Micro Motion, Mobrey, Ovation, Rosemount, and many more that you can see on the Emerson Process Management contact us page. Of course, these are in addition to all those great PSS brands.

The intent of this role is to share best social media practices and increase the number of voices and ways we participate through social media with our customers, prospective customers, business partners, industry associations, suppliers, members of the trade press and analyst community, and others with whom we connect.

I’ll continue to live at the surface of Emerson with this blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype and anything else new and cool that comes along! Through persistence and luck, I hope to have some success getting more Emerson folks to join me out at the surface.

So, onward to new challenges and have a great weekend!

Posted Friday, April 23rd, 2010 under Miscellaneous.

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