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Emerson Process Experts Blog Honored with Award

I wanted to close the week by thanking everyone who happens upon this blog, subscribes to this blog, links to this blog, or connects with me through the various communications channel. Your interactions have sustained and grown the blog over these past four years.

This week our blog was honored to receive BtoB Magazine’s BtoB Social Media Awards 2010 in the blog category. Our world of process automation is a few hundred thousand people strong across the globe. It’s a true honor and thrill to be recognized among all kinds of business-to-business blogs across many kinds of businesses. The editors were exceptionally generous in their writeup:

If there were a lifetime achievement award for b-to-b social media marketing, Emerson Process Experts would be in the Hall of Fame. Jim Cahill started this blog in early 2006, when few people even knew what a blog was. He’s kept at it over the years, adhering to a rigorous update schedule and adding new features like a Twitter feed and Flickr photo gallery as those platforms became available. Emerson Process Experts is notable for its singularity. In a market in which few competitors have adopted any form of social media at all, Cahill has been years ahead of his competitors. His topics are the kind of meat-and-potatoes technology discussions that matter to Emerson customers. These people don’t make many buying decisions, but when they do make them, the price tags are in the millions of dollars. And thanks to Jim Cahill, when they go to Google to look for “Process Control,” Emerson is right there at the top.

For those visitors not steeped in our world of process automation, welcome to the site. I’ve recorded a slidecast of a recent presentation given to the ISA Executive Board. ISA (International Society of Automation) is a leading trade organization for our world of automation. The presentation gives some of the objectives, background, and reasons behind this blog and our journey in social media.

For those of you in our world of process automation, thanks for this brief indulgence and we’ll get back to the business of telling stories of Emerson experts in action next week.

Update: I’ve added Jon DiPietro‘s part to the embedded presentation which describes a suggested path forward for the ISA to consider. Thanks, Jon!

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