Greg McMillan Deminar Series for July Rescheduled for August

I have a quick programming note for you for this week. We originally had two Greg McMillan demonstrations/seminars (a.k.a. deminars) scheduled for July, one this week on July 14th and one the following week on July 21st. Due to schedule conflicts and other events, these have been rescheduled into August.

Here are the new dates:

  • PID Control of True Integrating Processes (How to Reduce the Batch Cycle Time for Temperature and pH Loops by 25%)–August 11, Wed 10:00 CDT / 13:00 UTC
  • PID Control of Runaway Processes (How to Improve the Performance of Exothermic Reactor Temperature Loops)–August 25, Wed 10:00 CDT / 13:00 UTC

One other quick note is that I’m hosting some folks from the other Emerson Process Management divisions and Emerson businesses this week to share best practices in Social Media. Posts and other on-line activities will resume late in the week.

Posted Monday, July 12th, 2010 under Miscellaneous.


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