Thoughts on Blogging and Sharing Expertise

The organizers of the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit asked if I’d share some thoughts on blogging in advance of the upcoming conference on September 1-3 in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ll be speaking at this event with a presentation titled Social Media – Should We, Should We Not, or Should We just Ignore the Whole Thing?

Blogging 101 ( audio podcast version) is about our path to the establishment of this blog and some lessons learned and shared. Although the post is written primarily for automation marketing and sales professionals, I hope there is something in it for automation professionals.

My thought is that no matter what your profession it does not hurt to expose your expertise to your social network. Blogs are one way to do this. Groups in LinkedIn and Fan pages in Facebook are another. Even tools such as Twitter or Google Reader
to share interesting items you read can help to establish your expertise to a wider circle of your peers and social contacts.

Hopefully if you haven’t already dipped your toe in the water, you soon will.

Posted Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 under Miscellaneous.

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