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Importance of the Process Safety Management Lifecycle

by | Oct 14, 2010 | Event, Safety

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

Process safety is top of mind for most manufacturers in the process industries. During the general session at the NPRA 2010 Q&A and Technology Forum in Baltimore this week, the senior VP for refining at Sunoco, Anne-Marie Ainsworth, spoke about the need for process safety management (PSM) excellence.

A report on her speech is provided in the Show Daily that is hosted by Hydrocarbon Processing. Emerson’s Chuck Miller attended the session and noted that Mrs. Ainsworth’s speech was very motivating in its call to improve the process safety culture and management system frameworks, including the development of policies and procedures, competency management, and effective metrics. The Show Daily article captured her thoughts:

“Process safety is crucial no matter how challenging our business environment,” Mrs. Ainsworth said. “It is not true that process safety is too expensive. Process safety is a low cost alternative.”

Given this importance, Emerson has recently kicked off a global Safety Lifecycle seminar program. This program is designed for business leaders and managers in the process industries so that they can have a general understanding of existing industry standards and best practices for safety instrumented systems. The seminars describe the need for effective process safety metrics and safety lifecycle management systems. Safety lifecycle management is an important aspect of the IEC 61511 framework, and this topic is addressed prominently in the seminar agenda.

In a recorded podcast with Automation World Editor in Chief Gary Mintchell, Emerson’s Mike Boudreaux shared his thoughts about the global Safety Lifecycle seminar program. These seminars have already begun with sessions that were provided in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Chuck is leading two seminars later this month in Chicago and Minneapolis here in the U.S. The Emerson process safety systems team will continue to travel the globe conducting these seminars, and they have created a signup page for process manufacturers interested in having a safety lifecycle seminar at their facilities.

At the recent Emerson Exchange, Mike led a “Meet the Experts” session on safety lifecycle management. The great news is that he recorded the audio for the session and made it available in a 6-part, narrated, safety lifecycle management presentation set.

Here is each of the Safety Lifecycle Seminar presentations:

Here’s the part 1 introduction to give you a flavor of these sessions:

To help process manufacturers with their process safety educational efforts, Mike has also made the entire safety lifecycle management presentation available for download and reuse under an Attribution-ShareAlike creative commons license. He has done this so that they can be used by process industry companies when they are trying to tackle the tough challenge of implementing safety lifecycle management systems in their organizations.


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