Busting Deadtime Compensation Myths

Update and bump: Here’s the recorded PID Deadtime Compensation demo/seminar (616Mb .wmv file download).

Here’s the PID Deadtime Compensation presentation (download):

Original post: Modeling and Control blog’s Greg McMillan resumes his demo/seminar (a.k.a. deminar) series this Wednesday, Oct 13, at 10am CDT/13:00 UTC. His topic will be Dead Time Compensator Myth Buster.

He’ll tackle the following myths:

  • Deadtime is eliminated from loop
  • Control is faster for existing tuning settings
  • Compensator works better for loops dominated by a large deadtime
  • An underestimate of the deadtime leads to instability (PID tuning rule)
  • An overestimate of the deadtime leads to sluggish response and greater stability (PID tuning rule)

To join us live, visit .

Use the information below to connect (if you’re not using the available computer audio):

  • Toll-free: +1 (877) 771-7176
  • Toll: +1 (225) 383-1099
  • Participant code: 264679

Like the rest of the deminar series, we’ll make a recorded video available as well as the PowerPoint slides from the session. I’ll update this post with the embedded versions of these once they’ve been produced and uploaded.

We look forward to having you join us!

Update 2: There’s a problem with the embedded video with two tracks of audio playing, so I’m removing it and providing links to archive site.

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