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Congratulations to Greg McMillan for ISA Life Achievement Award

Greg-McMillan.jpgHere’s a quick Friday post to wish hearty congratulations to Greg McMillan who shares his process control expertise over on the blog each week. I just saw the news in the Sound Off! blog post, ISA Announces This Year’s Honors and Awards Recipients.

The Sound Off! post reports:

Life Achievement Award
To recognize individuals with a history of sustained dedication to the instrumentation, systems, and automation community.

Gregory K. McMillan
CDI – Process & Industrial, Austin, TX, USA

Citation: In recognition of a 40 year of innovation in process control technology through invention, publication of articles, papers and books, as well as teaching the application of control theory.

Greg is prolific for his contributions to the advancement of the DeltaV system, his weekly blog posts at, his on-line demo/seminar (a.k.a. deminar) series, his numerous process control books both available for sale and for free, his on-line Process Control Lab site, his and Stan Weiner’s ControlTalk column for Control magazine, papers and articles too numerous to mention, and much more I’m sure!

If this post comes off sounding like I’m a huge fan of Greg, it’s because I am. I’ve known Greg for many years, and gotten to know him much more since we’ve been doing this deminar series over the last couple of months.

He’s the best example I know of trying to convince all the great people in our world of process automation to share their expertise and wisdom with the world. If you do, your peers just might recognize you too!

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