Down In New Orleans an Interactive Process Control Improvements Seminar

Since it’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans today, I’ll do a rare, same-day post. This year is an extra big year with the New Orleans Saints football team bringing the Super Bowl trophy home to the Crescent City. As a former resident back in the 1980s, I’m obliged to bring a bit of the sounds of Mardi Gras to my office by streaming

The post can’t wait because I’d lose the first paragraph if I wait another day and also‘s Greg McMillan will be presenting in two short weeks at the ISA New Orleans chapter. Greg is calling his two-day series of presentations, March 3 and 4, Exceptional Process Control Opportunities – An Interactive Exploration of Process Control Improvements. He described what he plans to share in a post, Exceptional Opportunities in Process Control – Virtual Plants.

There are only 30-available slots so you’ll want to visit their event page for costs ($400 ISA members/$500 non-members), how to enroll, location, etc.

I’ll highlight the sections Greg will be presenting over the two days. The sessions begin at 8am on March 3rd with improving process dynamics by considering process responses, sample times, and ultimate loop performance limits. Following will be a session on improving controller tuning by delving into controller modes, options, structure, tuning, and loop performance practical limits.

Greg continues around the control loop to next look at control valves and their considerations including slewing rate, backlash, stick-slip, installed characteristics, and rangeability. He next will move on the measurement devices and their considerations such as accuracy, noise, response, turndown, and measurement types–flow, pressure, level, temperature, and pH.

Next comes resting your brains and enjoying an evening in New Orleans. The sessions resume at 8am on March 4th with a look at improving common loops–flow, pressure, level, temperature, pH, and composition.

Greg wraps up the two days showing ways to improve neutralizer, reactor, and evaporator control. Greg notes that each attendee will have access to a virtual plant for hands-on learning and interactive exploration of process control improvements and a copy of his ISA book Essentials of Modern Measurements and Final Elements – a Guide to Design, Configuration, Installation, and Maintenance.

If you’re in New Orleans–or need a good excuse to be there–here’s your opportunity. And knowing Greg as I do, you’ll learn quite a bit.

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