Ways to Freely Educate Yourself in Process Optimization

Universities around the world provide great foundational engineering educations. But how does one become a true expert in our world of process automation? The answer is that unlike ever before, there are more ways than ever to freely educate oneself.

If you think the last sentence was hyperbole on my part, here are some of the ways in just a single subject area–process optimization. And, these are just from an Emerson perspective.

Beyond the free items, there also a library of text books written by Emerson authors as well as educational services available in person and virtually.

It’s great to see the process optimization experts from this generation making their expertise so widely available to anyone, anywhere in the world. With time and focus, anyone interested can become part of the next generation of experts.

Perhaps you’ll be one who joins this elite group.

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Update: Welcome readers of Gary Mintchell’s Feed Forward blog. Gary, thanks for the shoutout!

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