Entrained Gas Performance, Level and Interface Measurement, and Compressor Antisurge Valves

Recent YouTube video email notifications are letting me know that the Emerson Process Management divisions are using this visual medium to share unique capabilities in their products. I’ll highlight three examples from the Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density measurement brand, Rosemount measurement brand, and Fisher valve brand.

The first one from the MicroMotionVideos channel shows a comparative look, presented by Emerson’s Anthony Gentile, of how the accuracy of Micro Motion Elite series meters and another supplier’s meters is affected by entrained gas:


The second video from the RosemountMeasurement channel is a quick 44-second educational animation of how level and interface measurements work the with Rosemount 3300 Guided Wave Radar:


The third video from the FisherControlValve channel, Fisher Optimized Antisurge Control Valves – Technology and Capabilities (3:10 runtime) shows through pictures and text (over a bed of music) the performance characteristics of compressor antisurge valves:


Given the three very different styles of these videos, I’m curious which one you find most informative.

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