Extreme Applications for IEC 62591 Wireless Devices

Let’s end the week with something a little bit lighter, since we’ve already explored the subjects of cyber-security, zero-bleed valve positioners, magnetic flowmeter applications, and oil & gas reservoir modeling. My hunch is that you need a break after all that.

I received an email alert from the Rosemount Measurement YouTube channel letting me know that the team posted a new video. Aptly named Extreme Wireless Applications, this 3 ½ minute video shows a whole bunch of applications around the globe where Rosemount IEC 62591 wireless devices are in operation—working in extreme heat, cold, motion, and other creative and difficult places where engineers have applied them.

And since it is Friday, feel free to turn up the volume on this video and take a quick pause from your day as you head into the weekend.

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