pH Control Solutions by Greg McMillan – ISA Web Seminar

In conjunction with the International Society of Automation (ISA), Greg McMillan will be conducting an online seminar on pH control solutions. It will be held on-line tomorrow, Wednesday, 2/16 from 1-2:30pm Central North American time (19:00-20:30 UTC).

Here’s a summary:

This seminar covers the root causes of poor performance in pH control systems. The source of these problems can originate in the process, piping, equipment, electrode, valve, or controller. The plant and control system design should be analyzed to get the most cost effective solution. In this course, attendees will cover principles and key concepts that explain the basic nature of these challenges and options.

Registration and course details are available on the ISA website. The cost is $195 USD per site per seminar for ISA members and $225 USD for non-members per site. Today is the last day for registration.

On his Modeling and Control blog, Greg notes:

I will send a free copy of my Advanced pH and Measurement and Control – 3rd Edition book to 4 people (picked out of a hat) who attend the web seminar on Wednesday Feb 16.

Greg is constantly sharing his experience in process control and modeling on his blog and through local and online events. You can see all of his upcoming events here on his blog.

Update: I’ve fixed the error of the date in the first paragraph. The webinar is on February 16.

Posted Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 under Measurement Instrumentation.

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