Spotting Bearing Failure in Time before Complete Fan Failure

In a prior post, The Peaks Provide the Early Warning in Machinery Protection, I highlighted how using high-speed, PeakVue digital sampling of machinery vibration could help spot mechanical defects long before traditional vibration monitors could.

I received a note from Craig Truempi with Emerson local business partner, Novaspect. He shared:

This fan bearing failed last week, and as you will see the red line (PeakVue) clearly identifies the fault, while the blue line (Overall Vibration) once again missed it.

This is a great example that demonstrates a perfect fit for wireless machinery monitoring using PeakVue with the CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter.

I asked Craig and our Asset Optimization team to give me some more background to share with you. They noted:

Not all vibration and preventive maintenance can be solved by using a route-based CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer and specifically with overall vibration monitoring. In this case, the process manufacturer was using a CSI 9420 to provide continuous monitoring of the fan. With the early warning provided by PeakVue measurements, they were able to shut down the fan prior to complete failure. When the fan was being repaired, the bearings were inspected and it was clear to see the bearings had failed.

Without PeakVue and the CSI 9420, this bearing defect could have continued to deteriorate and ultimately lead to a more costly failure and extended downtime.

The advancement of technology through high-speed digital sampling has improved everything from the movies and music we enjoy to the early warning provided to maintenance teams in manufacturing plants.




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