Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas in China

by | Jun 19, 2012 | Industry, Measurement Instrumentation, Oil & Gas

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Three leading CNG/LNG stakeholders met in China

Source: Asian NGV Communications

I heard from Emerson’s Major Chu, who writes the Chinese-language Emerson Flow blog, about a recently published Asian NGV Communications article, East meets West-Three leading CNG/LNG stakeholders met in China (page 31). The article highlights the “three giants of the Alternative Fuels business sector”:

Jiang Jie Min the President of CNPC (China National Petroleum Corp) and the Board Chairman of PetroChina met with Li Fan, the Vice President of Chendgu Huaqi Houpu -one of China’s major supplier of dispensers and skidded LNG, LCNG and CNG delivery systems- and Phil Fathers Director and Global Business Leader of Micro Motion Emerson Alternative Fuels business and his colleague Major Chu, the Alternative Fuels Manager of Asia.

In the thumbnail image of the magazine article, Phil is rightmost in the top photo.

The article’s author describes the strategic alliance between Chengdu Huaqi Houpu and Emerson’s Micro Motion business unit, which has been ongoing over the past seven years. The article provides Chengdu Huaqi Houpu’s background:

…an ISO 9001 company, is world leading LNG, CNG and L-CNG equipments clean fuel refueling solution and integrative information system provider, national high-tech enterprise, the only company who obtains ATEX, CE certificate in China.

A key part of this refueling solution is the Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density meters to provide accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurement. This alternative fuels solutions document highlights the challenges in CNG and LNG flow measurement and how Coriolis technology can be applied.

In addition to his blog, you’ll find Major sharing his expertise in the Emerson Exchange 365 China section and Flow instrumentation sections. If you’re already a member or if you join the community, make sure to “friend” Major and introduce yourself.

Update: I’ve updated the post with a link to a reprint of the article located in Micro Motion area of the website.

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