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Mass-Volume-Density Measurement in Oil and Gas Drilling and Production

If you’re in or have interest in the oil and gas industry, Emerson’s stewards of the Micro Motion brand of Coriolis flow and density meters have come up with some great new YouTube videos for drilling and production operations. Here are the videos with a quick recap of each.

Drilling Fluids Monitoring – Well Control Events (2:34)

This video highlights the use of drilling fluid mass flow rate, volume flow and density measurement for downhole and returns flow lines with a single Coriolis sensor. By measuring the circulating mudflow for trending, it can provide early warning of well control problems or changes in drilling efficiency. It also highlights measurements for managing the well bore, drilling fluid loss circulation and ballooning conditions.

Drilling Fluids Monitoring – Operational Efficiency (2:53)

This video highlights how Coriolis density measurement technology can be used for drilling fluid sweep [borehole cleaning of cuttings that have not been removed with normal fluid circulation] monitoring, circulating – bottoms up and environmental control monitoring.

Upstream Production – Separator Measurement & Control using Micro Motion Coriolis (3:20)

Coriolis mass, volume and density measurement can be used on liquid legs to provide production rates and net oil computation for traditional compact or two-phase separators. On gas legs, these Coriolis meters allow operators to detect liquid carryover and prevent separator upsets.

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