DP Level Measurement with Electronic Remote Sensors Innovation Recognized

You may recall from a post, Eliminating Temperature Effects in DP Level Measurement, a cool new technology—Rosemount 3015S Electronic Remote Sensors (ERS) system. To avoid some of the temperature and response time issues that I highlighted in the post with capillary tubing, this technology includes:

Two 3051S pressure transmitter… mounted on the high and low side of the tank avoiding the need for capillary tubing. The pressure sensors are linked together with an electrical cable and synchronized to create a single 3051S ERS system, calculating the differential pressure electronically.

This ERS technology also reduces the inaccuracies associated with evaporation and condensation as well as the maintenance that was required on the capillary and impulse tubing.

I bring this to your attention because I heard from the Rosemount Level team that the Rosemount 3051S ERS system won one of four Chemical Processing magazine 2011 Vaaler Awards. This award from:

Chemical Processing’s Editorial Board, which consists of technical professionals with diverse responsibilities and from a variety of industry sectors… assessed 14 entries for technical significance, novelty or uniqueness, and breadth of applicability.

The article highlights the improvements over traditional DP level measurement that were factors in the award selection:

The ERS technology offers a number of important advantages over traditional installations with extensive impulse piping and capillary. The system provides stable and repeatable measurements while cutting time response by more than 90%. Electrical wire between sensors easily can be installed through floor grates and around hazards. The system obviates heat tracing and purge systems, and the inspections for leaks, plugging, etc. required for impulse lines. Each sensor can be independently serviced and replaced for reduced process downtime. Besides the DP measurement, pressure, including static pressure, read by each sensor can be monitored in real-time.

Congrats to the Rosemount Level team for pushing a tried and true technology to the next level to improve ongoing operation and maintenance.

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