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Essential Asset Monitoring Sessions at Emerson Exchange

by | Aug 19, 2013 | Asset Management, Reliability

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

If you’ll be joining us at the September 30-October 4 Emerson Exchange conference in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, and asset reliability is on your list of things to learn more about, I suggest a few workshops for you.

Emerson's Nikki BishopEmerson’s Nikki Bishop, a Senior Application Consultant specializing in essential asset monitoring will be co-presenting in three workshops, A Dynamic Duo: AMS Machinery Manager and Essential Asset Monitoring Solutions to the Rescue!, How Does a Heat Exchanger Automatically Tell You How It’s Feeling? Ask PEMEX!, and The PEMEX Journey to Improved Cooling Tower Reliability, From Wireless Data to Actionable Information Automatically. You may recall Nikki from numerous reliability-related posts.

Here’s the abstract for the Dynamic Duo presentation, with Nikki’s fellow presenters—University of Texas’ Steve Briggs and Emerson’s Robert Skeirik:

Emerson’s AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager and Essential Asset Monitoring (EAM) solutions are two options for asset health monitoring. EAM solutions combine process and asset data to provide a quick look at asset health and provide a proactive early warning system for issues with rotating equipment. AMS Machinery Manager provides the insightful expert data needed to diagnose the specific machine issues, such as full spectrum waveform vibration data. While each solution provides great value as a standalone application, combining the 2 solutions provides even greater value.

PEMEX’s Gerardo Palomo, Emerson’s Marcelo Carugo and Nikki co-present the heat exchanger presentation. Their abstract:

Fouling in heat exchangers is a common problem and results in heat losses, increased fuel costs and emissions and possibly reduced throughput. Wireless measurements provide valuable process data for heat exchanger monitoring. Analysis of the data is required to determine the optimal cleaning time to maximize effective onstream time. The Essential Asset Monitoring Solution for Heat Exchangers provides online data analysis through preconfigured algorithms and reports overall heat exchanger health, indication of fouling rate and when cleaning is required.

Marcelo, Nikki, and Emerson’s Yair Martinez team up on the cooling tower presentation. Their abstract:

PEMEX, the 4th largest producer of oil in the world, previously installed 4 wireless networks and a total of 122 wireless devices to monitor pressure, temperature, pH and vibration on their cooling towers at the refinery in Tula, Mexico. The availability of the data greatly reduced manual operator rounds and improved efficiency. The next step is to realize even greater benefit by implementing automated monitoring solutions for data aggregation and analysis using the new wireless infrastructure and the Essential Asset Monitoring Solution for Cooling Towers.

Emerson Exchange Personal Scheduler ToolYou’ll want to use the Personal Scheduler Tool to plan your sessions in advance to secure your spot and maximize the areas you want to learn more about. The sheer amount of choices of workshops, short courses, roadmap sessions, educational courses, etc. can be daunting. It’s best to find a quiet time in advance to plan your path through the week.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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