Managing Analyzers, Transmitters, and Control Valves with a Common Approach

In an earlier post, Measuring Hydrocarbon Dew Point with Gas Chromatographs, we highlighted the challenges with liquids in natural gas. Emerson’s Jonas Berge added a comment [hyperlinks added]:

The 700XA gas chromatograph can be integrated into intelligent device management (IDM) software part of the asset management software and be managed just like pressure and temperature as well as other analyzers, control valves, and intelligent two-wire on/off valves. It can also be mounted in the field near the process, without the need for analyzer shelter, and without the need to run sampling lines – instead you use digital communication, like an “electronic sampling line”. Read more from this article:

Jonas and co-author Michael Gaura made several excellent points in the article, which we shared in the blog post, Integrating Gas Chromatographs with Control and Device Management.

They closed the article tying back how the integration helps to improve plant performance:

Plant performance can be improved by adopting plug-‘n’-play EDDL technology in combination with Foundation Fieldbus to gain advantages such as faster communication, easier documentation and testing, shorter commissioning, greater flexibility to accommodate late changes, and diagnostics from the control room. EDDL wizards, graphics, hierarchical menu structure, and help, save technicians time and avoid errors.

The focus on a human centered design approach means that the learning accomplished on certain types of process automation instrumentation can be applied to other devices that are designed with that same approach. The result is less mistakes and operations that are more predictable.

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