Streamlined Pressure Transmitter Local Operator Interface

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In a post, Continuously Diagnosing the Instrumentation Electrical Loop, we shared some new diagnostics available in the Rosemount Enhanced 3051 Pressure Transmitter. Emerson’s Alexander Miller shared some additional information with me about the Local Operator Interfaces (LOI) on the Enhanced 3051, in addition to the 2051 and 2088 with Selectable HART.

Rosemount 3051 Local Operator InterfaceThe development team took a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach to make tasks within the LOI accessible more accessible and easier to execute than ever. The challenge was that the menu structure could confuse people who are not frequently working on the devices, and extra tools were usually required making commissioning more difficult than it needed to be. The design goals were to simplify configuration, to reduce the amount of training required, and to streamline and save time on maintenance interactions.

This design includes external configuration buttons that are underneath the device’s top tag. A simple screwdriver provides access to the menu, allowing for commissioning in the field—even in hazardous-area locations. Alex also noted that the time need to commission a device into service takes about one minute.

In simplifying the design, security also was a key consideration. 4 levels of security are available: internal security switch, password protection, HART Lock, and an external configuration button lock. These settings can be combined achieve the desired level of security for your application. More importantly these security settings will protect your device against unwanted configuration changes.

Alex noted this local operator interface is available for the Rosemount 3051, 2051, 2088 pressure transmitter models and the 644 temperature transmitter. The same tasked-based menu structure is used for all the devices to simplify learning and ongoing interaction with the devices.

In this video, Alex provides an overview of the local operator interface and performs a commissioning demonstration at the 1:52 mark. He shows the process of re-ranging a differential pressure range from 0-200 inH20 (inches of water) to 0-150 inH20. At the 4:00 mark, Alex highlights the multiple security levels to prevent unauthorized access to this calibration and configuration information.

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