Understanding and Handling Entrained Gas Flow Measurement

I was alerted to a nice series of videos on two-phase flow measurement, also known as liquid with entrained gas. These videos were developed by Emerson’s Micro Motion team.

In the first video (2:37), Two-Phase Flow (entrained gas) Applications, Emerson’s Joel Weinstein discusses the mechanics of entrained gas applications. He describes three types of entrained gas flows: bubble flow, slug flow and empty-full-empty flow.

In the second video (5:04), How Two-Phase flow (entrained gas) affects a Coriolis Meter, Joel describes how entrained gas can affect a Coriolis flowmeter and speaks about the errors associated with meter and fluid properties. Micro Motion low frequency Coriolis meters are recommended for entrained gas applications. Joel notes that all flow meters have issues with entrained gas, but Coriolis technology best addresses these cases.

In the third video (1:50), Coriolis Meter application recommendations for Two-Phase Flow (entrained gas), Joel discusses application recommendations to reduce the effects of entrained gas and two-phase flow for Coriolis flowmeters.

In the final video (2:15) in the series, Demonstration: Coriolis Meter excels with Two-Phase Flow (entrained gas), Joel demonstrates the benefits of using Coriolis meters for entrained gas applications.


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