Greg McMillan ISA Webinars on pH Control and Temperature Control

ISA pH Control Solution Web SeminarJust a quick post to let you know about two ISA web seminars being conducted by Control Talk blog’s Greg McMillan. The first is on pH Control Solutions and will be February 13 from 2:00-3:30pm EST. You can find the webinar price here. These webinars are designed for group participation and feature an opportunity to ask Greg specific questions.

Here’s a brief overview of the webinar:

This seminar covers the root causes of poor performance in pH control systems. The source of these problems can originate in the process, piping, equipment, electrode, valve, or controller. The plant and control system design should be analyzed to get the most cost effective solution. In this course, attendees will cover principles and key concepts that explain the basic nature of these challenges and options.

The session covers:

  • Nature of pH Challenge: Sensitivity and Rangeability | Nonlinearity | Electrode Limitations | Control Valve Requirements
  • Modeling and Control Solutions: Embedded pH Model | Feedforward | Linear Reagent Demand | Batch and Startup | Model Predictive Control
  • Plant Design Implications: Equipment | Piping | Measurement | Control Valve | Track Down the Cause of Poor pH System Performance

Online registration is available through tomorrow.

The second webinar on Temperature Control Solutions will be the following week, February 20 from 2:00-3:30pm EST. The price for the webinar is here and registration is open through February 19. Here’s the brief overview:

This webinar will allow attendees to learn how to get the best temperature measurement and control performance for important unit operations in the process industry. It is recommended for control engineers, DCS configuration engineers, as well as instrument and process engineers.

The session covers:

  • Sensor Drift, Repeatability, and Sensitivity
  • Installation Effects
  • Control Valve Oscillations
  • Process Dynamics
  • Controller Tuning
  • Batch and Continuous Control Applications
  • Maximizing Production Rate and Process Efficiency

If you attend one or both, make sure to bring you and your team members’ questions to Greg. He enjoys the challenge of helping brainstorm solutions to tough pH and temperature control problems.

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