Hearing Machinery Reliability Issues

 Business Development Manager

Mark Granger
Business Development Manager

Sometimes your ears can identify problems with rotating machinery before investigate any further. In this 5:11 YouTube video, Audio with Parameter Alarms and Trends, Emerson’s Mark Granger shows how, in addition to providing immediate colored parameter alarms bar charts and trends up to two years’ duration, the CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer also lets you listen to vibration as it is being collected via filters that isolate various frequency ranges. As the data is being collected, advanced signal processing provides alarm notifications on the portable vibration analyzer in real time.

Using Bluetooth speakers that are rated for the hazardous area location in which the rotating equipment operates, Mark shows how the vibration signals can be sent to the speakers. The signals can be filtered to remove ranges to frequencies to listen for specific problems.

Mark highlights how this works by firmly pressing on the rotor kit to induce a fault. He shows how this sounds by listening to the collected data through the Bluetooth speaker.

He next shows how to acquire the data that includes the fault condition. The CSI 2140 analyzer immediately displays the fault condition as an alarm at the frequency of twice the motor turning speed. Along a typical maintenance route there may be dozens and dozens of pieces of equipment for which to collect data. Mark shows how notes can be added to the alarm conditions as they are uncovered. In this case of the fault caused by him pressing on the rotor kit, he adds a note to the alarm of a possible misalignment issue.

The last thing he demonstrates in the video is comparing the recent analysis with the past times the analysis has been performed. This comparison helps show significant changes that have occurred warranting further investigation and repair.

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