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Wireless Sensor Network Learning Resources

In an earlier post, Broadcast Range of WirelessHART Transmitters, Craig Abbott provided some technical considerations for a wireless field device network. I wanted to bring extra visibility to a comment from Emerson’s Jonas Berge, whom you may recall from earlier digital bus and wireless related posts.

Jonas wrote:

Emerson's Jonas BergeMesh topology is key to use of wireless in process applications. It is one of the important characteristics required from a wireless technology for successful plant modernization using wireless sensor networks. Learn more about the other aspects making WirelessHART so successful from these articles:

Wireless meeting your needs
Power of Two – New Wireless Solutions for Plant Operations
Thinking Through Wireless
Choose Wireless Wisely

You can connect and interact with Jonas, Craig, and other wireless experts in the Wireless track of the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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