Separator Measurement and Control in Upstream Production

As a follow up to Lee Rumbles’ post yesterday, Importance of Flow Measurement for Separators, I wanted to share this 3:39 YouTube video, Upstream Production – Separator Measurement & Control using Micro Motion Coriolis.

Coriolis-Flow-MeasurementsThe video provides a quick review of the design principles for Coriolis flow measurement technology to measure mass flow and density. For the liquid leg of a tradition, compact or two-phase separator, the flow meter provides measurements for production rates as well as net oil computations.

By measuring flow rate and density, the water cut can be determined as the well changes oil & gas production over time. For the gas leg of the separator, liquid carryover can be detected and addressed before a process upset occurs. These measurements help better characterize the current production and changes over time.

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