Upstream and Midstream Natural Gas Custody Transfer Metering

by | May 6, 2014 | Event, Industry, Measurement Instrumentation, Oil & Gas

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Shane Hale (l) explains the ease of use built into the 370XA gas chromatograph at OTC 2014.

Shane Hale (l) explains the ease of use built into the 370XA gas chromatograph at OTC 2014.

There is lots of excitement just east of us here in Austin for the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC2014) in Houston, Texas. One of the innovations being highlighted is Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical 370XA gas chromatograph for natural gas measurement analysis in Fiscal and Custody Transfer applications.

The ARC Advisory Group has a nice summary:

Key takeaways from this briefing include that the 370XA is:

  • Targeted at upstream and midstream natural gas custody transfer metering applications in remote locations (not a full process GC)
  • Designed so that no special skills are required to install, configure, maintain, or calibrate the device
  • Designed to reduce lifecycle costs, particularly those associated with power and carrier gas consumption and GC module replacement

They describe technologies within the 370XA that help address the skills shortage in the oil & gas industry, help reduce lifecycle costs, and provide four-minute C6+ (methane, ethane, propane, etc.) gas analysis intervals for custody transfer applications. Maintainable Module technology allows operators to easily replace the GC module in the field in under two hours, which reduces downtime and overall operating costs.

Here’s a great YouTube video, The Making of the 370XA, to give you a better flavor for how this gas chromatograph is ideally suited for oil and gas producers. In the video, Emerson’s Shane Hale shows and describes the Maintainable Module and how it reduces maintenance and downtime.

If you’re in Houston this week for OTC 2014, stop by the Emerson booth and visit Shane and the Emerson team to learn more about the 370XA gas chromatograph.

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