Smart Meter Verification: Better Accuracy, Lower Maintenance Costs

by | May 2, 2014 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation



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There’s good reason that custody transfer is also referred to as “fiscal metering”: the meter is essentially acting as a cash register. That’s why annual or more frequent proving or calibration of flow meters and their peripheral devices is so common. It’s also why Coriolis meters, widely known for their stability and linearity over time, are often the meter of choice when accuracy is paramount.

Industry and agency professionals are dedicated to ensuring fair and safe measurement in numerous applications such as fiscal transfer of gases and liquids, environmental compliance and safety systems. They need confidence in the meter’s accuracy and reducing the frequency of proving tests cuts the workload for technicians and costs for in-field maintenance.

Smart Meter Verification, a capability found only in Emerson’s Micro Motion sensors, uses onboard diagnostics to measure the flow tube stiffness, which is directly related to the flow calibration factor. Each verification test checks and compares meter stiffness to the baseline established during calibration in our labs. If the stiffness is unchanged, the calibration factor is correct and the meter meets its mass flow accuracy specification.

Not only is checking tube integrity unique to Micro Motion Coriolis sensors, Smart Meter Verification extends calibration, proving or proof-test intervals, saving thousands of dollars per year per meter. Coriolis Smart Meter Verification can be performed under flowing conditions in-situ, without requiring any special process conditions or interrupting the measurement. And unlike some competitive Coriolis offerings, devices featuring Smart Meter Verification do not require a hot-work permit to be proved.

Of course, there’s more to know. Please see our website for proven results in fiscal transfer, safety instrumented systems, environmental compliance and other applications. Also, make sure to watch our video on Smart Meter Verification for more information on how you can trend data, confirm on-spec performance and forecast calibration needs without interrupting your process!

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