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Sales at Micro Motion: “It’s a lifestyle”

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Maggie Schmidt

Maggie Schmidt

Flow Marketing Communications Manager / Blogger

The Emerson sales team is the heartbeat of our organization. They are the group of people out in the field every day, connecting with and getting to know our customers. Even though our sales force is spread nationally – and globally – we stay in contact with them every way we can, whether that is through training, field visits, webinars or even a simple phone call.

We have decided to do some blog posts highlighting the lifestyle of a sales person in our organization to show you just how much interaction they have with customers, how they resolve issues, how they fit into the organizational “grand scheme,” and right down to how much work they actually do in a day – it’s definitely not an 8-5 job.

The first sales person I spoke with is a veteran in sales, Jeff Wilmer. He has spent over 20 years establishing relationships with customers, fixing problems on-site and learning about new products on the fly.

Jeff Wilmer

Jeff Wilmer

Establishing and maintaining strong business relationships with your customers is the key to sales success. If you struggle with that, you won’t get far. I make sure to schedule face-to-face time with my customers every day.  Communicating with e-mail or through social media are just some of the other ways to keep in contact.  Being able to stay in touch when you can’t get out to the field (business meetings, training, etc.) is important. Making sure their needs are being met is the number one priority.  Customers are short-handed and they need the sales person to know their business and provide solutions to solve their problems. A good sales person should focus on helping their customers improve their performance & profitability.  We need for our customers to be around for a long time.

Providing information to the marketing group is another important job for the sales force. The sales force is on the front line with customers every day. If they can identify a customer need, it’s important to get that information to the marketing group so they can help develop a strategy to satisfy that need. Communication between sales & marketing is important to solving customer problems. And it’s not just about developing new products; for example, working with the Industry group might help identify future regulations that could impact their customers. The sales person can then work proactively with their customer to mitigate any negative impact.

Being a sales person is definitely not an 8-5 job. From eight to five, my priority is to be in front of customers. That leaves after five to do follow up e-mails, application review, quotes, sizing and any other issue that needs to be resolved before the next day. The sales profession is more of a lifestyle. It is not like any other career – it does not have set hours and you have to be self-motivated to get your job done.

With the knowledge, experience and trust that sales brings to our customers, the organization has branded them trusted flow advisors/partners. They are the people with the most knowledge of what is going on out in the field, and they are the ones we can trust to take care of our customers. Like I said above, they are the heartbeat of the organization.

What do you like about our sales team and what can we do better? Tell us in the comment section below!

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