Oil and Petrochemical Terminal HSE Compliance

Brian Crandall Applications Consultant

Brian Crandall
Applications Consultant

Let’s close this work week with a look at tools to manage health, safety, and environmental (HSE) compliance in terminal facilities—also known as oil depots, tank farms, storage terminals, etc. Given the hazardous oil and/or petrochemical products they store, HSE focus is paramount.

In this 5:23 YouTube video, Syncade Logistics: Increasing Health, Safety & Environmental Compliance, Emerson’s Brian Crandall demonstrates the reconciliation of training and permit compliance at a terminal.

He does this by showing how to assign validation to transport assets to better ensure regulatory compliance.

After introductory remarks, Brian shows how the Syncade Logistics software module helps to manage the training records for the drivers who interact with the terminal to load and unload products for transportation. Examples of these training records include state drivers test certification and expiration date, safety training, and loading and/or unloading permits. If any of these certifications the material transfer operations will not be able to be performed.

These validations can apply not only to driver competency, but also to other assets within the terminal such as trucks, trailers, site security, loads etc. Validations can be assigned to an asset to verify compliance before an activity may initiate. Brian demonstrates how these validations are added by adding a state inspection and expiration date validation requirement for all vehicles per the regulatory agency requirements governing the terminal.

These two examples show how competencies and permitting compliance can be enforced as an automated & electronic record-reporting part of terminal operations.

Brian also explains how this logistic information integrates with third-party applications to communicate regulatory and compliance information. The Message Broker application. A scenario he describes is tabulating all the product volumes to be automatically sent to the appropriate regulatory agency each day via the Internet.

He closes by reminding the viewer that these validations can help minimize the risk of abnormal events occurring that impact the terminal’s health, safety, and environmental compliance.

You can connect and interact with other terminal and operations management professionals in the Operations Management track of the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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