Fisher Valve and Instrument Howto Videos

In an earlier post, Howto Video on Pneumatic Valve Positioner Mounting, I shared the first in a series of “how to…” videos that the Emerson Educational Services team was developing.

Apart from this initiative, my subscription on the FisherControlValve channel alerted me to a new 3:42 YouTube video, Fisher easy-Drive electric actuator troubleshooting techniques.

Brad Healey

Brad Healey

In this video, Emerson’s Brad Healey, and application engineer with oil and gas expertise, discusses troubleshooting techniques for the Fisher easy-Drive electric actuator. He provides tips for conditions such as no-movement, no response to 4-20mA analog signal, goes fully open or closed instead of modulating across the range of travel, inaccurate positioning, and more.

What’s nice is that this video is part of a YouTube playlist of howto videos, How-To Demonstrations, which now includes nine videos.

These videos range from 1 minute, 12 seconds to 10 minutes, 43 seconds in length—short, focused, and hopefully valuable to you. Current topics include zero and span adjustments, level controller setup, wiring connections, positioner mounting, actuator setup & calibration, and troubleshooting.

If you have additional ideas for howto videos, you can connect, interact, and share with the folks behind these videos in the Actuators, Regulators, Valve Controllers & Positioners, and Valves tracks in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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