Howto Video on Pneumatic Valve Positioner Mounting

I knew when my son went to YouTube before coming to me when he needed to learn how to tie a tie–that howto videos were valuable, easily discoverable, and broadly used.

I’ve share examples such as How To Install Micro Motion 9739 MVD Electronic Modules on how process automation suppliers are producing howto videos in various phases of the lifecycle of a product.

Emerson’s Educational Services team will be sharing a series of howto videos in the coming months to share practical learning examples from the courses they offer.

The first in the series is on how to install and a pneumatic positioner on a control valve. In this 8:51 Youtube video, Emerson Educational Services instructor Jim Jones provides step-by-step instructions for mounting a Fisher 3582 pneumatic positioner on a 657 direct-acting actuator on a Fisher EZ valve.

Technology has opened up great opportunities in learning from these short howto videos, to virtual classrooms, to free online courses. I hope you’re finding some of these as valuable as my son found his tying a tie video!


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