Integrating Reliability Practices for Top-Quartile Performance

The reliability of your plant assets affects safety, unscheduled downtime, maintenance costs, quality and the overall efficiency of your operations. Solomon Associates in their Reliability and Maintenance Study quantify the significance of top quartile performance versus lower performers.

Emerson's Robert DiStefano

In this 2:07 video, Achieving Top-Quartile Reliability Returns, Emerson’s Robert DiStefano describes some of the challenges process manufacturers and producers face with their reliability programs.

He notes that safety incidents largely occur during transient conditions, such as startup, shutdowns and unscheduled events. Half of plant accidents occur during these transient conditions even though these conditions typically occur only 10% of the time. These statistics abundantly make clear that a reliable plant is a safe plant.

Bob also cited the research that top performers achieved 14% more uptime, which has a significant impact on the bottom line.

The key to lifting performance into the top quartile is a planned, integrated approach to all activities and technologies monitoring plant assets and workflows in order to standardize reliability practices.

Bob cites how ENSCO, a leading global oil & gas drilling company, worked with the reliability consulting team to standardize these reliability practices to increase mean-time-between-failure and reduce drilling rig downtime across their global fleet of rigs.

You can connect and interact with other maintenance and reliability experts in the Reliability & Maintenance group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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