Avoiding Depressurization on DP Flowmeter Removal

More and more we see knowledge exchange occur through social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Here’s an example of a tweet from this summer asking about the removal process for a Rosemount flowmeter.

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Rosemount 585 Annubar Flanged Flo-Tap Assembly

Rosemount 585 Annubar Flanged Flo-Tap Assembly

After our listening team saw this tweet, they connected with Emerson’s Kevin Branger, a differential pressure (DP) flow specialist. He shared this response back with the team.

The 585 Annubar Flanged Flo-Tap model is specifically designed for insertion and retraction when the line is pressurized. So there is no need to depressurize the line for removal of the 585 Flanged Flo-Tap Annubar. The steps for removal are:

  1. Remove the drive lock pin.
  2. Rotate the crank counter-clockwise. If a power drill with an adapter is used, do not exceed 200 rpm.
  3. Retract until the rod end nuts are against the gear box mechanism.
  4. Close Isolation Valve.
  5. Remove top set of studs/nuts from isolation valve and remove Annubar assembly from top of isolation valve.

It took a couple of tweets, but this knowledge was shared and team received back:

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A really great place for knowledge exchange among end users, Emerson product specialists, and others involved in process automation and instrumentation is the Emerson Exchange 365 community. You can connect and interact with other flow experts in the Flow group in this community.

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