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Making the Most of Your Resources With the Micro Motion 5700 Transmitter

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Jason Leapley

Jason Leapley

Flow Instrumentation Director of Innovation

A tool that can enable you to fulfill your mission, keeping everything on budget and running smoothly, is an invaluable technology.

The Micro Motion 5700 Transmitter delivers the confidence and insight you need to maintain fully functioning operations, optimized for greatest success. And when it comes to employees and how best to utilize current knowledge while creating a safer environment, this transmitter provides full transparency and complete sets of information to go with it.

Skills Retention and Knowledge Management
Much of the knowledge in the workplaces of today has been earned through decades of on-the-job experience. But now, the employees who have long used their skills and knowledge to run production with optimal efficiency are near the age of retirement.

50% of experienced and managerial personnel in national and international oil and gas processing companies are expected to retire by 2021, with the risk that their wisdom and experience will be lost altogether (source: Society of Petroleum Engineers, “The Great Crew Change: A Challenge for Oil Company Profitability,” April 16, 2011).

This change of the time signals the need for a dramatic shift in processes, and Micro Motion 5700 is the key to the new order. 5700’s simplified design allows for easier, more intuitive use of the flow device, which minimizes required expertise and training. Guided diagnostics deliver simple, actionable information, while process measurement is improved through real-time indication of multi-phase flow, all of which give insight that can make troubleshooting easy.

Recognizing the changes in workforce dynamics can make it possible to prepare for them and enable you to retain that hard-earned tribal knowledge.

Increased Safety
The threat of accidents and dangerous scenarios in the workplace can be daunting and workplace safety should always be a huge priority. In order to eliminate accidents, we must delve deep into why and how they occur. Many times, accidents are attributed to human error. But even when that is the cause, it is short-sighted to dismiss such issues as inevitable.

Rather, the system should consider what changes would minimize the possibility of human error. Automation, when implemented in a way that is efficient and highly monitored, can eliminate many errors that are overlooked by people, increasing safety in the plant.

Innovative solutions like the Micro Motion 5700 represent the utilization of new technology to better correct errors before serious accidents occur. This system identifies possible issues and delivers the information directly where it needs to be. Employees can access in-depth data from far away from the machinery, and stay out of danger zones unless it’s deemed absolutely necessary.

While no one piece of equipment can be the solution to every problem, a Micro Motion 5700 Transmitter sets up the system capabilities to begin to problem-solve for even areas that it does not affect. With the confidence and insight you glean using this transmitter, your operations will soon be performing at top efficiency, making for a safer and more productive work environment.

For more information about the Micro Motion 5700 Transmitter, click here.

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