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The Power of Zero Verification

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Tom O'Banion

Tom O'Banion

Retired, Former Director of Innovation in Flow Solutions business

Meter zero is a big deal when it comes to the application of many chemical processes. In order to guarantee optimal performance, zero integrity is a must.

So what does Micro Motion Zero Verification do? You might say it is one of the last remaining Coriolis mysteries, another secret facet of why these flowmeters are so successful.

Zeroing the Meter
When troubleshooting for the cause of an off batch or upset in processes, it can be easy to try and blame the devices for incorrect measurement. Even though meters, especially Coriolis flowmeters, are not typically to blame, it is often difficult to prove.

Instrument engineers are tasked with keeping plant instruments running smoothly and the plant running efficiently. For meter assurance, sometimes the most straightforward answer is zeroing the meter. At low flow, meter zero is an important component of flow measurement accuracy.

While it can be the easiest solution, there is still a lot that can go wrong when zeroing a meter. It is extremely difficult to determine when it is necessary and whether the plant conditions are conducive. And, after zeroing the meter, careful calibrations are needed to ensure precision of the measurement.

Meter Assurance
Independently, there is no way to really know if conditions are at an acceptable point for zeroing or even if it is necessary. It is often just a guess on the behalf of the process engineer.

Micro Motion Zero Verification is a system that confirms zero integrity for improved process insight. This tool checks if zeroing the meter is necessary, and then determines if processing conditions are quiet and stable enough in the plant to complete the steps.

Within 20 seconds and 8 simple checks an engineer can determine if meter zero is within an acceptable range. Providing insight into the process and confidence in their adjustments.

Running Zero Verification along with Smart Meter Verification, another diagnostic tool to confirm meter health, further guarantees that devices are always running at optimal performance. Additionally, both tools provide a paper trail to give evidence of correct measurement and accurate adjustment.

Now the entire team can be sure that the meter is doing its job. With Zero Verification, the plant obtains:

  • Confirmed zero integrity
  • Traceability
  • Measurement confidence

Emerson’s Micro Motion process technologies put valuable confirmation tools into the hands of skilled workers, rather than asking them to work blindly. In plant environments where the smallest increment of measurement can have a huge impact, every possible assurance makes a difference. And, in the case of Zero Verification —that difference is huge.

Check out the Zero Verification video for more information.

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