Applying Technology to Modernize Control Systems

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Those of us in the “baby boomer” generation know how fast time goes by. Children grow up quickly and the control systems running our process manufacturing and production facilities age. There’s not much we can do about kids growing up quickly, but we do have ways to modernize our control systems.

At the October 24-28 Emerson Exchange conference here in Austin, Texas, Emerson’s Aaron Crews and Laurie Ben will present, Applying Technology to Modernize Your Legacy DCS to DeltaV. Here’s their workshop’s abstract:

Emerson's Aaron Crews

There are new products and services released all the time. But how do the latest DeltaV technologies apply in the brownfield world? This workshop will dive into how this technology can be utilized to help work around some of the unique constraints in modernization projects. We will cover integration of 3rd party devices with the EIOC [Ethernet I/O card] and VIM2 [Virtual I/O Module 2], reuse of existing I/O, wiring solutions for quick cutovers, documentation and conversion tools, and other solutions to help modernize your system from RS3, PROVOX, ABB, Honeywell, Siemens, Foxboro, and PLCs to DeltaV v13.

As process manufacturers and producers try to reduce operational risks while also trying to improve reliability, availability and energy efficiency, often the control system is a limiting factor due to capabilities that haven’t kept pace with technology innovations. Figuring out what new technology to deploy in an existing process or control system can be challenging. Modernizing legacy control systems can remove limits, but choosing the right solution that will save time, money, minimize risk, and provide the best benefits can be daunting.

To address these challenges, they will provide examples from actual projects where these solutions were chosen and deployed to reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) in order to reduce the impact to operations, as well as to increase certainty during project execution. Some of the specific modernization paths they will highlight include application of EIOC, VIM2, 3rd party gateways, FlexConnect Solutions, DeltaV Connect Solutions, DeltaV Migration Controllers, Database.NET tool-assisted services, Profibus DP connections to ABB S800 I/O and Siemens ET200M I/O, and others.

Aug2016-Registration-ContesIf you’ve already registered for this year’s conference, the myExchange Tool is now available to start building your schedule. Add Laurie and Aaron’s presentation if you’re being limited by what your aging control system can do for you.

If you haven’t yet registered, do so by August 31 and you’ll save $400 off the registration price. Or, enter the August 2016 contest to win free registration by sharing a story or sharing why you’d like to attend, in Twitter or Facebook.

You can also connect and interact with other control system modernization and migration experts in the Improve & Modernize group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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