The Coriolis Difference: Measurement Importance for Marine Bunkering

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Patrick Zimmer

Patrick Zimmer

Manager for Marine Engineering and Services

Accuracy in measurement is key in any process, and most particularly in marine bunkering, where the industry as a whole is beginning to recognize the huge benefits to be had when working with mass flow meters (MFMs).

As industry leaders set 2017 as the date when the use of MFMs will be mandatory, Micro Motion technology remains the standard and innovator of Certified Marine Bunkering Measurement Solutions (CMBMS).

The Coriolis Difference

A combination of the Coriolis sensor, a software application, specialized calibration, installation and support services make up the Micro Motion CMBMS. This system, designed specifically for marine applications, has the potential to enact real, impactful change in bunkering operations.

  • Improved meter accuracy with monitoring diagnostic tools and reports that help the user take action against aerated deliveries
  • Ensuring custody-transfer certification to far within the required 0.5%
  • Calibrated on water, which directly transfers to the measurement of any fluid, from gases to oils
  • Integral temperature measurement to compensate for the influence of temperature fluctuation
  • Patented algorithm from Micro Motion to automatically compensate for influence of small viscosity presenting at high viscosities
  • Measurement of mass directly, with no volume to mass conversion required
  • Simultaneous measurement of volume, using real-time mass, temperature, and density measurement to provide temperature correct volumetric totals where needed
  • Technical support in installation and implementation, with expertise focused on marine applications
  • Comprehensive trainings, site visits, methodology details, and more for backup support
  • Bunker profile support, when required we can help to examine bunkering profiles to help provide process improvement and to detect process upsets

Meters are calibrated en masse at the factory stage, the effects of temperature on sensor response are eliminated due to the integral temperature measurement placed inside the flow meter. Consequently, mass measurement is unaffected by process conditions, and in the conversion from volume to mass, no additional inaccuracies are introduced.

Best Practices

Implementing Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters in the marine bunker measurement solution facilitates all of the best practices known throughout the industry.

  • Rely on a single measurement system
    Inherent differences across measurement solutions make it challenging to compare the options. Coriolis measurement has established itself over the last 38 years as a leader in cross-industry applications, perfecting its technology to excel even in the most challenging conditions. It is important to use one primary measurement system, rather than attempting to justify different systems against each other, and across its decades of measurement application experience, it has earned its status as the standard.
  • Minimize potential for system holdups
    Extensive lengths of pipe between measurement points and transfer points opens up a greater possibility of error. By maintaining the same pipe conditions before and after bunkers, operations experience far less system holdups. Pipes that remain full/full or empty/empty at both stages will deliver more consistent results overall.
  • Minimize aeration
    Entrained gas significantly impacts the ability for any measurement system to deliver its best results. By implementing procedures that are now truly feasible with the MFMs, it is possible to design processes in ways that assure minimal aeration and deliver the best conditions for efficient metering.

Consistent balance of inventory levels is a primary goal of bunker delivery system operators, one which Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters has already proven capable of drastically improving. Ensuring efficient sound weights and measurement systems helps to create a healthy trade environment, setting up a platform where buyers are confident in the integrity of the transfer. When fair competition thrives between sellers, the market remains steady, undamaged by bad players, and investors can act with confidence. Good flow metering practices creates a path to greater trust between bunker fuel buyers and sellers, showing consistent fairness and openness.

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