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Process manufacturers and producers are relying on automation suppliers more and more to achieve the operational performance they require. Technology and expertise alone are no longer enough to satisfy what’s needed to achieve this performance.

innovations in Process Control - Fall 2017In the latest edition of Emerson’s innovations in Process Automation magazine, European president, Roel Van Doren opens by sharing that:

…it is vital that we are not only perceived as a world-class provider of technology, but also as an ethically strong and trusted advisor, whose problem-solving expertise can deliver significant benefits for our customers.

He describes the areas of focus to achieve this.

There are three pillars to achieving this – customer proximity, industry fluency and being easy to do business with. Emerson has taken significant steps to move production and support services as close as possible to major process industry clusters. In terms of industry fluency, Emerson continually invests in its people with training and development to ensure they can ‘talk the same language’ as our customers rather than just selling the technology. We want to understand our customers’ challenges and provide the right solution, which perhaps isn’t just a single product.

In the article, Perfect Execution reduces product lead times, Per Ahlgren explains that:

Emerson's Per AhlgrenPerfect Execution is Emerson’s vision to not just satisfy, but radically exceed our customers’ expectations. This programme is one of the cornerstones of our day-to-day activities in Operations, and the process and toolset we are using to drive industry-best lead times, on-time delivery, and project execution.

Elliot Bostock notes the important role of CRM as a:

Emerson's Elliot Bostock…customer-centric business strategy with the goal of maximising customer satisfaction, by providing comprehensive information about them and their needs. That includes all the problems and challenges they have had, or are currently facing, the meetings and discussions that have taken place about these, plus details about site visits, quotes, orders and support requests. CRM captures a 360-degree view of a customer’s entire business relations with Emerson, and provides us with instant visibility of their requirements.

Veronica Constantin highlights the important role of technology coupled with expertise as a:

Emerson's Veronica Constantin…significant opportunity for improved operational performance across critical areas like reliability, safety, production and energy. We believe that automation is a high-impact leverage point to sustain performance improvement over time. We can provide a wide range of innovative solutions in these key areas via Plantweb, which is the foundation of our Operational Certainty™ programme to help customers achieve Top Quartile performance.

Chibuike Ukeje-Eloagu describes the role of strategic services in improving ongoing operational performance:

Emerson's Chibuike Ukeje-EloaguEvery project we embark on is unique and begins with customer consultation, which involves expert analysis to assess how a plant can, for example, improve its maintenance planning, or increase its productivity or profitability. Our highly experienced consultants and experts advise on the most appropriate solution to the specific challenge, which creates the most value for the customer. My role is focused on how Emerson delivers these solutions, from initial engagement, right through to completion, including installation, configuration and commissioning. It is my responsibility to ensure that we deliver the best possible customer experience throughout the lifecycle of each engagement.

Shahin Meah explains the focus of lifecycle services:

Emerson's Shahin Meah…by having outcome-based discussions with customers about what they want to achieve and how Emerson can help maximise those outcomes. The future is about collaborating with customers to understand their desired outcomes, then providing innovative solutions, access, value and education to help them reach those outcomes, which could relate to any number of KPIs. A customer could be looking to achieve 99% plant uptime, or might want to ensure engineers are always available in an emergency.

Read the latest innovations in Process Automation edition and connect and interact with these and more experts across Emerson by registering for the March 7-9, 2018 Emerson Exchange conference in The Hague.

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