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Disruptive Innovations in Automation

Technology advances have disrupted many markets including photography, music, video and communications to name just a few. These disruptive innovations have improved usability and reduced costs for those taking advantage of the technology advancements.

In our world of industrial instrumentation and automation, Emerson’s Roel Van Doren notes:

Emerson's Roel Van Doren…the introduction of microprocessors and digital communications led to distributed control systems, digital plant architectures and the introduction of intelligence into field devices. These technological advances enabled users to gain far greater insight into their plants – not just more process variables, but also important information with respect to equipment health and performance. This additional data facilitates a step change in business performance through more flexible operations, increased safety and reduced cost.

His quote, from the newest edition of innovations in process control, leads into an exploration of disruptive technologies that are continuing to improve operations for manufacturers across the globe.

These technologies are not created in a vacuum, but as a direct response to challenges manufacturers face. In the article, Business challenges create disruptive technologies, Bob Karschnia describes how additional online monitoring via wireless instrumentation was required for challenges such as loss of experienced operators to retirement, energy optimization and equipment health.

Here is a brief synopsis of some of the other articles in this edition.

Amanda Gogates highlights advances in gas analysis to improve emissions monitoring and compliance as well as process optimization.

Jake Davies discusses how advances in non-intrusive, wireless corrosion monitoring technologies, helps to spot corrosion and erosion problems in piping and vessels before they lead to unsafe conditions and unplanned downtime.

Martin Adshead explains how Rosemount X-well technology provides accurate, repeatable, non-intrusive measurement and reduces the cost of each measurement point added by 29%.

Carsten Thøgersen shares how the combination of high-integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) technology and products provides a holistic solution that delivers optimal pressure protection.

Tim Milarch explains how Rosemount wireless pressure gauges have brought about improvements not only in reliability, but also plant and worker safety.

Take a look at these articles to see how you can drive quantified business results in safety, reliability, efficiency and emissions.

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  1. jonasberge says:

    This is what I love about technology. It changes how we get things done. Simpler. Faster. And many more. The new possibilities and improvements is why humans are fascinated with technology. This is particularly so with digital technology; enabling digital transformation of how things are done; for instance how plants are run and maintained. See some other examples of digital transformation opportunities in this essay: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/digital-transformation-what-actually-means-plant-jonas-berge

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