Under Pressure: New Developments in High-Pressure Chemical Injections

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Industry, Measurement Instrumentation, Oil & Gas

Emerson's Travis Stone

Over in LinkedIn, Emerson’s Travis Stone has posted part 3, Under Pressure: Emerson Announces a New Development in High Pressure Chemical Injections, in our series on improving chemical injection processes.

These posts highlight the issues associated with underinjecting chemicals and the excessive costs associated with over injection. Optimimum rates of injection help assure piping integrity by inhibiting deposits and corrosion.

Here is an excerpt from the opening of his post:

A lot of people have concerns about the future of oil and gas, and about how fossil fuels will contribute to the energy mix in the coming years. Considering the prolonged oil price downturn since 2014, along with budget restrictions on new projects, and the potential for recent political volatility to affect regulations, these concerns seem justified.

In our recent posts ([1]),([2]), we reviewed some of the challenges that the oil and gas industry is currently facing; we explored the need to move away from wasteful, traditional methods, and we explained how an integrated chemical injection solution from Emerson can lower the cost of doing business in upstream oil and gas production.

In today’s post, we consider the state of the industry and its future; we share our motivations for challenging the status quo, and we present a new product development from Emerson.

[We] stand at the intersection of two of humanity’s most urgent goals – the need to improve quality of life for people around the globe, and the imperative that we must do so while reducing our impact on our environment.”

– David Farr, Emerson Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

New Challenges

Emerging markets are joining developed countries in driving the demand for more resources. Steadily, more people than ever before are increasing their electricity use, buying more consumer goods, traveling further and more frequently, and much of this is made possible by petroleum products.

In an effort to keep up with growing demands, engineers have been challenged to extract hydrocarbons from unconventional sources, such as oil sands, high-pressure shales, and deep water projects. However, in order to safely and efficiently accomplish this, the conditions require a modernization of traditional tools and methods.

Read the rest of Travis’s post for the needs driving change and the technologies available to support these improvements. You can also download a new infographic on chemical injection optimization opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more, let us know in the comments section or visit here to connect with us about how a complete chemical injection solution from Emerson can help you optimize the reliability and efficiency of your installation.

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