Continuous Emissions Monitoring for Energy Optimization

For process manufacturers, the energy bill can up to 40-60% of the total operating budget. One way to optimize the energy expended is with Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS). Many people think of CEMS as something used for emissions regulatory reporting to help ensure certification and compliance with local and international regulatory agencies.

Emerson's Gregory Latch

But these systems can also be used in helping to increase energy efficiency and overall plant throughput. In this long form, 46:52 YouTube presentation, Cascade Gas Analysis, Emerson’s Greg Latch describes how these gas analysis technologies can help minimize variability and optimize units in the process.

Greg’s presentation includes a look at challenges and considerations in CEMS, sample systems for monitoring CEMS, the Cascade Rosemount Hot/Wet solution, Rosemount Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) Analyzer technology and the QCL Analyzer.

Whether you have a CEMS system for environmental reporting or are considering one, watch the video for ways that the QCL technology can be applied also to your energy efficiency initiatives.

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