Trend Report: Positioning for the Future of Midstream Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas Industry Report

While the downturn in the oil and gas industry has been tough on everyone involved, recent trends indicate that the cycle is moving in a positive direction. In the meantime, the drive for profitability at a low price-point remains a priority, leading energy companies to examine operating costs and process inefficiencies in every industry segment. For midstream enterprises, the need to get smarter in production and movement processes and the need for more reliable, safer and higher capacity transportation systems for both gas and liquid energy products is greater than ever before.

In this Trend Report, we point to opportunities for coping with increasing traffic and achieving greater efficiencies in existing as well as future energy projects. We offer technology guidance as well as examples of how Emerson, Roxar, and Rosemount solutions can help your company overcome these well-known industry challenges, including:

  • Increase output
  • Increasing fiscal measurement accuracy
  • Protecting assets –Reducing cost of ownership
  • Improving pipeline leak detection and Loss And Unaccounted For (LAUF)
  • Managing regulatory compliance
  • Maximizing capacity, throughput and revenue
  • Detection of performance degradation and foresight of compromised operations

Midstream enterprises that successfully improve custody data, preserve asset integrity, streamline compliance and minimize losses in transfer will realize the profitability and improved safety they seek.

Download the Trend Report for further insight on how to address each challenge and learn how Emerson can position your organization to respond to fluctuations in the market now and for years to come.

For more information on Emerson’s flow solutions for midstream oil and gas, visit our website.

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