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Technology Advancements for Project and Operational Performance Improvements

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Control & Safety Systems, Industrial IoT

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

At the recent ARC Industry Forum, Emerson’s Dave Imming and Claudio Fayad sat down with ARC Advisory Group’s Craig Resnick to discuss ways that technology is helping manufacturers improve both project and ongoing operational performance. Specifically, the conversation centered around the announcement of DeltaV version 14 at the conference.

I saw this tweet from @arc_advisory announcing the availability of the video interview:

In this 7-minute video, DeltaV New Features, IIoT & Performance Services: Dave Imming & Claudio Fayad of Emerson Automation, Dave explains the strategies around Operational Certainty and Project Certainty were the drivers for the technology advancements.

From the ARC Advisory Group YouTube channel.

From a project efficiency improvement standpoint, Dave describes enhancements to the DeltaV Electronic Marshalling with CHARMS I/O, packaging to reduce their size be able to connect closer to the field instruments to reduce costs up to 60% over traditional wiring.

Another example is smart commissioning which reduces the time to commission a loop from the field device to the control system from 140 minutes per device to 10 minutes per device. This reduction was enabled by automating steps in the process that were performed manually.

From an operational performance improvement perspective, Dave highlights DeltaV Live which introduces HTML5-based operator displays, which lays the foundation for universal, cross-platform graphics that are easy to design and configure. He also described DeltaV Mobile, which enables plant personnel from their smart phones and tablets to assess the health of their operations on-demand, by viewing real-time process values, trends, alarms, and historical data.

From an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) perspective, Claudio notes how it is not only the CHARMS I/O that enables easier connectivity of additional sensors into the control system, but also the DeltaV PK controller with an embedded OPC server to move data more easily between the system and applications running at the Edge or in the Cloud.

Claudio explains that you can’t talk about IIoT without talking about cybersecurity. This release he believes will be the first DCS to meet ISASecure (IEC 62443) SSA Level 1 certification to increase the level of security provided at the control system level.

Watch the video for more on Dave and Claudio’s thoughts on how the technology enables connected services. And, how recent strategic acquisitions have helped broaden the breadth and depth of expertise to help manufacturers improve project and operational performance.

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