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It’s Time to See Flow Meters Reach Their Full Potential!

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Taylor Scott

Taylor Scott

Software Product Specialist

Mass Flow Measurement & Diagnostics Today

When it comes to flow meters, process engineers have historically tended to focus on the instruments and the mass flow and density measurements they generate.

Yet are they are missing a trick? Could they be making more out of their meters and their unique ability to track process issues and deliver improvements across operations? I believe the answer is a definite yes!

We live in a world of more and more data, analytics and automation with the ultimate goal being the turning of data into quality decision-making information.

With this in mind, flow meters have a vital role to play. Not only can they provide a wide array of measurements relating to mass flow, density, process temperature etc.., but they are often the first instruments to detect wider process issues, such as improper Coriolis flow meter installations or sizing, changing flow characteristics, or aeration.

Yet while there is an understanding by process engineers of the potential wider role of flow meters, too little has been done to embed new proactive, process-wide diagnostics within flow meters as part of their everyday performance. That is until now!

Eliminating Uncertainty with Smart Flow Meter Technology

Emerson’s advanced Smart Meter Verification (SMV) diagnostics – when enabled on Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters – includes powerful new multiphase and flow range diagnostics capabilities that identify process-wide issues far beyond traditional meters.

The Smart Meter Verification includes a ‘flow range’ diagnostic which alerts the engineer when flow rates are not within a specified range to identify incorrect flow meter sizing; and immediate alerts to process upsets, such as entrained air or when low flow rates may be affecting mass flow measurements. The result is significant process improvements across operations.

Take chemical batching, where occasionally a batch of product can become aerated when valves are not properly closed, pumps not properly started, or excessive tank stripping takes place. In such cases, multiphase diagnostics can alert the operator immediately and can be widely applicable to other batching applications where aeration impacts the custody transfer process.

Another issue is that of improper meter sizing. In such cases, the flow range diagnostic enables the operator to react to fluctuating production rates in real-time. If a flow meter is originally sized for the well’s peak flow rate, for example, but the well begins to produce at a much lower rate, a resizing or repurposing of the meter can be crucial in maintaining well mass flow measurement performance.

With the continued focus on increasing efficiencies and reducing costs, a flow measurement system that can deliver powerful diagnostics and real-time decision-making intelligence across operations has never been more important. It’s good to see that flow meters are starting to reach their full potential!

To learn more about how Smart Meter Verification provides you with real-time data about your flow meter’s health so you can avoid issues that compromise performance, download this free brochure!

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