5 Reasons the Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meter & the New 4200 2-wire Transmitter are the Perfect Pair

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The New 4200 2-Wire Transmitter & Coriolis Flow Meters

2-wire-coriolis-transmitterIn the past, Coriolis meters were not considered a part of the 2-wire upgrade. Now, Emerson offers a solution for an upgrade path to more reliable, accurate measurements.

Coriolis technology is known for direct mass measurement, high accuracy, and wide turndown with no moving parts, reducing maintenance costs. With the 2-wire Coriolis transmitter, you can achieve accurate and repeatable measurement while reducing CAPEX costs and minimizing waste and rework.

Keep reading to learn why the Micro Motion Coriolis flow meter and the new 4200 2-wire transmitter are the perfect pair.

1. Repeatable Flow Measurement

The 4200 2-Wire transmitter uses power and signal over the same two wires to reuse available wiring and maintain accuracy taking advantage of Coriolis technology. The transmitter provides best-in-class measurements to maximize plant efficiency and reduce waste.

2. World Class Flow Meter Diagnostics

Emerson’s 4200 2-wire transmitter includes onboard features that ensure your Coriolis flow meters are always running at optimal specifications. Smart Meter Verification alerts the user of any changes in meter health with a suggested course of action. The data historian with a real-time clock helps you make sense of meter health reports, process data, and includes a complete audit trail. Audit trails can be used to meet compliance requirements and compile statistical data on meter operations and plot your flow over time. Also included, Zero Verification which checks process stability and runs an algorithm to determine if the meter should be re-zeroed to provide confidence in your measurement.

3. Replacing Old Flow Measurement Technologies

Switching out legacy 2-wire flow points shows immediate improvements in knowing where material is in the process and how much is being used. The 4200 2-wire Transmitter is easily retrofitted into your plant without any additional wiring and can simply be a matter of swapping out the existing meter. Because of this, users will experience reduced installation time and reduced pipe diameters upstream if replacing traditional DP and turbine meters.

4. Reduced CAPEX Costs

Selecting a loop powered Coriolis meter for plant expansions where AC power is not centrally located significantly reduces the amount of CAPEX required for these projects. The benefits are the costs eliminated for detailed engineering, installation labor, wiring, conduit, AC panels, transformers and planning. The estimated cost savings per flow point is up to $6000 in cable cost and $50,000 in AC power installation.

5. Allowing Flexibility & Ensuring Safety

The new transmitter has a graphic, fully configurable, display that supports 8 languages and rotates using the integrated software rotation without removing the front cover, thereby minimizing downtime due to hot work permit restrictions. It is compatible with a range of Coriolis sensors including ELITE, F-series, and H-series and is available as a remote mount option. The 4200 transmitter is SIL-2 capable with single-use and SIL-3 capable with multiple uses.

Learn more about Emerson’s new 4200 2-wire Transmitter!

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